Glossary of Photographic distinctions

Below is a basic list of Photographic distinctions available from various Photographic organisations.
They are obtained either by entering competitions sponsored by the organisation or applying directly to the organisation, adhering to their specifications of what is necessary to obtain that distinction.
The requirements can change over time, so it is best to look at the relevant organisations website (see links tab) to see the current requirements and rules for any given distinction.

PAGB : Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, the 'umbrella' organisation for the regional federations/associations in GB. There are a number of awards for individual photographers, as follows -

CPAGB, Credit from the PAGB, the first level of award, judged on 10 pictures, with a standard of 'good club photography'
DPAGB, Distinction from the PAGB, judged on 15 pictures, with a standard of 'open exhibition photography'
MPAGB, Master from the PAGB, judged on 20 pictures, with a standard of 'the highest standard of amateur photography'
APAGB, PAGB award for meritorious service, based not on pictures, but to people who have given outstanding service to photographers who belong to member societies

RPS : Royal Photographic Society, a society open to individual amateur and professional photographers. there are a number of distinctions, as follows -

LRPS, Licentiate of the RPS, the first level and judged on a panel of 10 pictures
ARPS, Associate of the RPS , judged on a panel of 15 pictures
FRPS, Fellow of the RPS, judged on a panel of 20 pictures
Hon FRPS, Honorary Fellow of the RPS, awarded for services to the RPS

DPS : Disabled Photographers' Society, a registered national charity promoting photography for people with disabilities, or their carers, or groups or anyone with an interest in helping the disabled.

Like the RPS above, it offers distinctions at the Licentiate (LDPS), Associate (ADPS) and Fellowship (FDPS) levels

BPE : British Photographic Exhibitions, with awards made to individual photographers for the number of acceptances gained

BPE1* ("BPE one star"), for 25 acceptances
BPE2*, for 50 acceptances
BPE3*, for 100 acceptances
BPE4*, for 200 acceptances
BPE5*, for 300 acceptances

FIAP : Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique, a worldwide federation to develop relationships amongst photographers (PAGB is affiliated to this organisation)

AFIAP, Artist of FIAP, the first level of award for photographic merit in international competition
EFIAP, Excellence of FIAP
MFIAP, Master of FIAP

BIPP : British Institute of Professional Photography
BPIA : British Photographic and Imaging Association
MPA : Master Photographers Association
PSA : Photographic Society of America