Entry list for the 4th Merit PDI 2019

Due to a fault in the competition software, Emails sent from it are failing, including acknowledgements of entry downloads.

Below is the list of entrants I have registered for this competition.

If anyone thinks there is an error, please contact Calvin ASAP.

Burton Ian Intermediate (3)
Downes Calvin Advanced (3)
Evans Roger Advanced (3)
Griffiths Ian Intermediate (3)
Griffiths Janet Advanced (3)
Hartshorne Fran Advanced (3)
Hodgkison Peter Advanced (3)
Lees Alan Advanced (3)
Leighton Sharon Intermediate (3)
Lewis Tony Advanced (3)
O'Neill Norman Advanced (3)
Phillips Ed Advanced (3)
Prestwood David Intermediate (3)
Price Audrey Advanced (3)
Price Russell Advanced (3)
Rees Peter Advanced (3)
Rex Steve Intermediate (3)
Roberts Dave Intermediate (3)
Roberts Jean Intermediate (3)
Saxbee Mike Intermediate (3)
Udall Andy Intermediate (3)
Yardley Andy Intermediate (3)

Calvin Downes