Wrekin Arts excellent success at the 2019 national GB CUP

The Club entered the GB Cup again this year.

This is a PAGB national Club competition that requires no ‘pre-selection’. Individuals enter their own images (with number constraints), and are marked individually as well as overall as a Club (using total points for our top 15 images for open and 10 images for Nature).

There were two classes - Open and Nature.

This year we came …. drum roll ….

4th in the Open section (out of 68 clubs)
7th in the Nature section (out of 86 clubs)

In addition, Roger Evans was awarded a Bronze medal in the Open section - congrats to Roger.

Our top 15 images in Open section were -

1. The Lifter Roger Evans 15
2.Pike Position Dive Roger Evans 14 (Bronze medal)
3.Manhattan Financial Skyline Calvin Downes 14
4.Not For Me Calvin Downes 13
5.Sam Oldham Battles The Rings Roger Evans 13
6.Ice Belay Jon Baker 12
7.Bmx Rider Norman O Neill 12
8.Kelly Sibley Forehand Roger Evans 12
9.Storm Force 8 Imminent Alan Lees 12
10.Misty Poplars Irene Froy 11
11.View Down The Severn Norman O Neill 11
12.Hamilton V Verstappen Calvin Downes 11
13.View Across Ullswater Norman O Neill 10
14.Ophelia Strikes Norman O Neill 10
15.Snow On The Way Jon Baker 9
Total 179

Our top 15 images in Nature were -

1.Praying Mantis Displaying Norman O Neill 13
2.Wild Dog Pups Feeding Russell Price 13
3.Autumn Dawn Calvin Downes 12
4.Silver Backed Jackals Skirmish Alan Lees 12
5.Goshawk Norman O Neill 12
6.Hyena With Elephant Carcass Russell Price 12
7.Panther Chameleon Norman O Neill 12
8.Warthog Family Audrey Price 12
9.Grey Heron Fight Calvin Downes 11
10.Hyena Running Audrey Price 11