Club successes at the 2017 Midphot competition

Members of the Club did well at the recent Midphot competition (competition for members of Midlands Camera Clubs).

We had total of -

20 (out of 34) acceptances in the Nature PDI class, including awards for Norman O'Neill (Judges medal), Audrey Price (MCPF ribbon) and Russell Price (MCPF ribbon).

18 (out of 44) acceptances in the Open PDI class, including an award for Steve Barber (MCPF ribbon).

5 (out of 8) acceptances in Colour Prints, including an award for Calvin Downes (Best colour print)

4 (out of 4) acceptances in Mono Prints.

2 (out of 4) acceptances in Nature Prints.

Well done to all who entered.