Northern Counties and Tallaght Salons - Print deliveries

Anyone interested in submitting PRINTS to either of these Salons can save costs.

NC will be free delivery and collection so you can send mounted prints.
TALLAGHT will be shared postage and prints won't be returned so its UNMOUNTED for here.


Northern Counties -

Irene will collect prints (mounted or unmounted) from the clubhouse on Friday 19/8/16. Please ensure a copy of your entry form is enclosed and prints labelled up as required.

NOTE- You submit and pay for your own entries (prints to be collected but not paid for). This arrangement removes any postage costs.

Northern Counties Photographic Federation - NCPF


Tallaght -

Because I am away in September its probably easiest if anyone wanting to share cost of postage for prints, gets their prints to the clubhouse for 19/8/16 also (with entry form and labelled)

These are UNMOUNTED prints and they won't be returned.

You submit/pay your entry fee as normal (prints to be destroyed). This arrangement shares cost of postage.

Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2016 | Tallaght International Salon of Photographic Art 2016