NEW - Wrekin Arts PC Facebook page

A Facebook page has been set up for the Club.

The aim is to spread knowledge of and interest in the Club and it's activities.

It provides -

Links back to our website.
Has a 'tab' for our website  'Welcome page'.
Has a permanent 'top level' post linking to our Programme.
Displays a post link to the Newsletter as published.
Displays Posts for News items we choose to upload (from website).
Will display the award winning images (similar to website) for each club competition.

PLEASE do look at it and 'LIKE' it (Facebook speak). If you have a Facebook account, then please 'Share' it with all your contacts/'friends' ... asking them to 'Like' it also.
The more 'Likes' we get, the greater visibility/audience the page gets on Facebook and it improves the way Search engines (google etc) display our website on searches.

You can access the Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook logo ('F' in black circle) at the foot of each page on the website. Alternatively the URL (internet address) of the facebook page is for accessing from your browser.