Club PRINT competitions in 2015/16

We will be running a new process for PRINT competitions in the 2015/16 year.

The purpose is to hold a digital image of the PRINTS entered so that Prints that gain awards in the competitions can be loaded onto the Club Website for viewing and are available for the Club to see when selecting for National Club competitions.

The process is exactly the same as for PDI entries. You login to the online entry system (click here) and select the relevant competition and follow the process to upload the digital version of your prints. Remember for PRINTS there are two sections - MONO and COLOUR (of course you don't have to enter both).
You continue as always to bring your prints (labelled correctly) in on the Friday before the competition. However, the 'digital upload' will close on the Friday midnight before the competition, as normal. If you don't upload the digital image of your Print, it won't be included in the judging (see exceptions below) and it can't be shown on the Website should you win an award.
If anyone has a problem with uploading, speak to Calvin who will assist you. Just as for PDIs processes will be in place for exceptions where people CAN'T upload for a competition for some good reason - in such cases contact Calvin ASAP so it can be managed manually.

You need to size and format your PRINT digital image (the one you will upload - NOT YOUR PRINT version!) EXACTLY the same as for PDIs e.g. SRGB, max 1400*1050 etc.
For those of you who use LIGHTROOM, this can be easily done by using the EXPORT function against your PRINT images. Make sure you set it correctly for SRGB, JPEG etc. and use the WIDTH & HEIGHT setting to resize, specifying 1400*1050 (Note, if this doesn't give the correct W*H format, try DIMENSION setting). Once you have set this up, you can save it as a pre-set EXPORT for future use.

If anyone has difficulties, contact Calvin ( for assistance.

Calvin Downes.