Wrekin International Salon NOW OPEN for entries

Wrekin Arts Photographic Club is delighted to announce that The Wrekin Salon 2016 is now open for entries.

This is our 6th Salon and every entrant will receive a copy of our excellent A4 catalogue. Last year FIAP awarded it 4 stars.

The sections are PID Colour Open; PID Mono Open; Nature; Travel (TRAD). Full details including conditions and definitions can be found at http://wrekinartspc.com/wrekin-salon-2016-home-page/

One section costs GBP10; 2 sections GBP13; 3 sections GBP16 and 4 Sections GBP18.


There are more than 100 awards including Gold Medals from FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS and PAGB and the coveted Blue Badge from FIAP for the author with the highest number of acceptances in the Salon.

Entries close on 9-Nov-2016 at 23:59 GMT Standard Time

Take advantage of the high number of awards for a Salon and the low GBP exchange rate!
We look forward to receiving your entries.