Wrekin Arts Photographic Club Newsletter 7 2015/16 10 November 2015

This Friday we welcome Michael O’Sullivan FRPS, FIPF http://www.mosullivanphoto.com/  (supported by Permajet) from Cork Camera Group http://www.corkcameragroup.net/ Michael is Chairman of the Cork International Salon of Photography http://www.corkcameragroup.net/services/cork-international-salon/ and is also Chairman of the Irish Photographic Federation. http://irishphoto.ie/  He is a very experienced and creative photographer. He produces Landscape, fashion, commercial and portrait work, but is best known for his personal work, which may be described as "Conceptual Fantasy Art". I’m sure that we’ll be treated to an interesting and exciting evening. Don’t miss it! 

Then on Friday 20 November Ken Bryan http://www.ken-bryan.co.uk/ from the Isle of Skye makes a welcome return to the club. Ken is a man of many talents. Besides being an outstanding Landscape Photographer he is also an artist and potter. Ken will have examples of his pottery for sale  from £9 to £15. He will also have cards and books for sale so don’t forget to bring some extra cash! 

Friday 20 November is also the hand in date for the First Merit Print Competition. There has been some confusion over the date because there is an error in the printed programme, but rest assured, 20 November is the correct date. You can enter up to 3 images in the colour and mono sections of your group. If you’re unsure of the rules, then please read them before entering http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5504c19fe4b0147d505782ec/t/55c7cc90e4b083a29a32de07/1439157392516/Competition+Rules+2015.pdf Prior to bringing your prints on the 20th, you will also need to register them online as for a PDI entry. Guidance on format and a link to the online system can be found Preparing your images for Club competitions (online entry) Don’t worry if the digital version contains print borders, there’s no need to produce a separate file. 

The Wrekin Salon is now closed and judging will take place over the weekends of 14/15 and 21/22 November. Jon has started preparing the AV show for the Salon Opening at The Belfrey Theatre on Saturday 16 January 2016. There will be additional showings of the AV presentations from Monday 18 to Thursday 21 January at the club room. The Salon Committee is looking for help to serve drinks on these nights. If you can help, please let Jon know. 

Following Jon and Sue’s presentation on 30 October, Jon said, “Sue and I would like to thank everyone who came to see our talk Four Feet From The Mountains. The messages of goodwill and appreciation have been quite humbling and we are really pleased so many of the club members enjoyed the show.” 

And finally, there may be some interesting photographic opportunities at Telford International Centre over the next couple of weekends. The National Poultry Show http://nationalshow.poultryclub.org/ is on 21 and 22 November and The Racing Pigeon Show http://www.theinternationalcentretelford.com/the-racing-pigeon-show-29th-november-2014/ is on 28 November.